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Hi, I'm Chris Foster

So, here’s what I’m known for: being short and bald, veggie lifestyle, huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. I coach hair professionals to achieve rockstar status.

...Oh did I leave out that I do men's hair too?!

Get to know me better
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster

Men's Hair Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the world of hair, I have been able to combine my passion for styling with travelling around the globe.

As an independent male grooming specialist, I have developed a unique approach to male hairstyling that incorporates contemporary twists on traditional design.

My distinctive approach to male grooming is evident in examples of my work as a former Creative Director at The Refinery and Gentlemen’s Tonic in Mayfair, as well as the Harrods Barbershop in Knightsbridge.

Chris Foster Barber Men's hairdresser
Hair by Chris Foster

From Hackney to Harrods...

My story starts in Hackney, East London. Back then, Hackney wasn’t the “up-and-coming” district that it is now. In fact, the area where this tale begins was infamously nicknamed 'murder mile'. I was on a mission to escape it. Trust me when I say this – it was life or death. And life was hair!

This isn't just my story of success; it's a testament to the transformative power of passion, the relentless pursuit of a dream, and the tenacity to overcome one's circumstances. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity for hair and a burning desire to rise above. I navigated the rough terrains of my early life and emerged as a leading figure in the world of men's hairdressing.

Chris Foster Barber men's hairdresser

...and beyond

I have always been passionate about men's hair, and in order to pursue my interest in this field, I began working with the British Barbers' Association (BBA) as its Creative Director.

My time with the BBA involved a lot of travelling, spreading inspiration for barbering around North America, the Middle East, and India.

Through workshops, training sessions and shows in cities like Dubai, Mumbai, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and Miami.

Hair by Chris Foster


One of the proudest moments in my creative career. Was having the opportunity to be the key hair for The Ozwald Boateng's show during London Fashion Week.This record-breaking show had 105 male models and celebrities, the show was held at Odeon in Leicester Square.

Hair by Chris Foster
Hair by Chris Foster
Hair by Chris Foster
Hair by Chris Foster
Award winning Chris Foster


The following is a list of my professional achievements. I've been endorsed by numerous awards and accolades, including a Master Craftsman award which I received at the House of Commons.

As a finalist, nominated for Men’s category of ‘The British Hairdressing Awards’ and three times winner of ‘Black Hair & Beauty Barber of the Year’, I have been granted exclusive entry to the ‘Barbering Hall Of Fame’.

In 2014, I was bestowed the prestigious honour of being elected as Barbering Ambassador for the Hairdressing Council. And I picked up the Most Wanted Male Grooming Specialist in 2016.

 ...and there's more  

I'm thrilled to announce that I've won the Most Wanted Independent Stylist & Men's Hair Specialist Award 2023!

 As "The Profile Guy," specialising mentoring and nurturing hair professionals to get the best out of their career, this win is extra special! I've had the privilege of collaborating with fashion giants like Vogue, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Adidas, and more.

But beyond the glitz and glamour, it's my personal transformation story that fuels me.

Amanda Nottage, Creative HEAD editorial director, had some kind words to share about my achievements: "Chris has pulled double duty this year, with a win for Independent Stylist and Men's Hair Specialist. Not a shock though when you see his credentials – as a session stylist, a busy creative on TV and film sets, a mentor, a committed educator… he is testament to what a modern hair career can bring you. A brilliantly positive inspiration for future generations!"

Fashion Campaigns

hair by chris foster

 Gucci Aria Campaign 

I'm well-known for my flexibility and diversity when it comes to styling hair – my portfolio is extensive and includes leading commercial photoshoots, TV and advertising appearances as well as high fashion barbering looks for various editorial shoots.


 Passion for fashion 

Working on fashion shows around the world is an amazing experience! From creating unique designs and styles to collaborating with talented professionals, I get to explore the creative side of fashion while also gaining incredible insight into the international fashion industry.

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hair by chris foster

 Gucci Music Campaign 

Every show and campaign is different – it's a great opportunity to learn more about global trends and cultures, too. With each new country I visit, I'm always excited to see what surprises will come my way!

hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
Hair Chris Foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster

Look Book

Gucci x Adidas collaboration
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster

Look Book

 Ozwald Boateng 
Ozwald Boateng man with long hair
hair by chris foster Ozwald Boateng man with long hair
hair by chris foster Ozwald Boateng man with long hair
hair by chris foster Ozwald Boateng man with long hair

 Front Covers  

hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
Gucci monogram buzzcut hair by chris foster

The Gucci Buzz Cut

Working as a part of Paul Hanlon's team. I am incredibly proud to be the creator of the Gucci Monogram Buzz Cut which gained widespread popularity after being featured in The Gucci Cosmogonie runway show. With so much creativity involved in crafting the style, I feel honored to have my work feature in what is considered a defining moment for barbering in the fashion industry. Being chosen to craft this iconic look was an amazing experience, from flying to Rome to brainstorm original ideas to executing on creative vision at The Gucci Cosmogonie Cruise Show 2023, held at the Castle Del Monte in Italy.

I was totally blown away that Alessandro Michele Gucci creative director posted the haircut on his personal Instagram account. I'm humbled and blessed to have been part of bringing this signature look into being.


hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster
hair by chris foster

 Album covers  

Gucci Mane, hair by chris foster
Jay Sean, hair by chris foster

Ferrari Fashion

Ferrari recently debuted its first fashion collection at a special event in Maranello, Italy.

Surrounded by multi-million pound vehicles on the factory assembly line, guests were treated to an unforgettable experience as they witnessed luxury cars and fashionable garments side-by-side.

It was a surreal experience creating hairstyles alongside these beautifully crafted machines and I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to be part of Ferrari's debut Fashion show.

Ferrari Fashion show, hair by chris foster

 The Profile Guy

The Profile Guy Marketing Agency that specialises in helping hair professionals build their brand status within the industry. With years of experience building my own profile, I know exactly what works and what doesn't, so you can get the best possible help and support to win in this competitive industry. We offer coaching programmes and advice to support your professional development and help you achieve your goals. With The Profile Guy, you can take control of your career and reach your full potential.

Hair by Chris Foster afro flat top 2023
Hair by Chris Foster 2023 french Croft haircut
Hair by Chris Foster bowl haircut acid house
Hair by Chris Foster medium men's haircut 2023
Men's medium textured curly hair
Soft flattop
Men's curly mid length hair Chris Foster
Hair pattern in the back of a man's head girl with a gun


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    Marie Claire

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    Lectured at the Indian School of hairdressing Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore

    Lectured at the Sassoon Academy, Mayfair

    Educator for Pivot Point International, Chicago

    Educator & lecturer at the Birmingham University

    Educator & Speaker at the Greek Barberfest Athens

    International Creative Director for the British Barbers Association






    Ozwald Boatang






    Ana D

    Brunello Cucinelli

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